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Are you up for camping ?

Camping is one of the best ways to rest, travel, research and co-existence with nature. However, camping is not just pitching a tent, this requires good preparation.

Summer is approaching, and with it plans for holidays. If you choose the tent, and one of the beautiful camps located around our beautiful country, then read some useful tips that will surely come in handy.

1. Tent
In many stores are now already can find a great selection of tents. There are some favorable, but also more expensive and more professional. If you do not already have your tent and decide to buy, make sure the tent is big enough for everything you need. Size of the tent depends on the number of people who go on a camping trip.

In addition, it is good to have a tent with insulation. It is nothing special, but it is the tent in two layers that make up the insulation to you in the hot summer days the brain and the body does not over cook.

The tent is well set on a flat and sheltered area to the less experienced wind, and it is recommended that the higher ground to the eventual rain streamed away from the tent.

When you find the ideal position for your summer home, thoroughly clean the ground with pebbles and pine cones so you do not have a lumpy and uncomfortable under.

2. Sword and rope
With a tent you get the pins, but it would be well strengthened always need to have a lot of solid rope. The better fix the tent to have a better chance to survive all the days of rest and possible disasters. Each tent also has instructions for proper installation and adjustment.

Summer is a tricky time. The ideal would be if only the sun shining and a breeze Pirkkala. But often they occur transient storm accompanied by heavy winds and rain. In these cases, extra rope and rope are of great importance.

In addition, the rope will come in handy if you need to hang towels or put additional shelter from the sun or wind.

3. Tool
This means that, in a large suitcase with all possible tools that will swipe their parents. Good is good hammer, some nails and Backhoe. Hammer driving the bolts fastening the tent, nails come in handy if you need something somewhere to hang (rope machine, water cannister) and Backhoe are there to be found if necessary.

An indispensable item in camping and Swiss Army knife. Make it a better, higher quality and with more help.

4. Inflatable mattress
Inflatable mattress takes up little more space, but makes sleeping in a tent a lot more enjoyable. Sleeping pad is a thin mattress that reduces unevenness under the tent. If you turn it does not bother you then these two are not necessary.

Given that the camp should all carry, then we can not rule out the bedding. One sheet, something to cover and pad inflatable space-saving, but are essential.

5. Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bag in the camp always comes in handy. Summer nights can be very hot, but not necessarily. In the event that the difference in temperature between day and night great, then you will be sleeping bag warm. In addition, it can also have a role karimata and be soft mat to sleep on.

6. Waterproof (impregnated) substrates
Your summer home in the form of tents can be closer to the ground, and regardless of the summer, the country is still a little damp. So you one good impregnated substrate can act terrace in front of the tent, where you can sit undisturbed, lie, eat and socialize.

7. Plastic or Cardboard dishes
As the tent usually has a lot of places, should economize and make things easier. It would be ideal if you had your own set of plastic tableware. In fact, it is light and easy to wash.

In case you want to disposable plates, then there, as lovers of nature and its conservation, we recommend cardboard.

8. Cooking
Some camps have a special cuisine that everyone can use. Although the camp almost regular feeding it from a can or from restaurants, most campers have their own little gas or electric stove. This is actually the best choice. For this you need a pair of aluminum containers to you freely able to cook something, like a fine morning coffee.

9. Power source

One of the most important things to have when you go camping for a couple of days is to have a source of electricity. Being able to charge your phone, laptops or anything similar is a necesitty. Best thing to have in these situations is a small portable propane generator. There are numerous generators that can fit your needs, but these are the best choice by far.

To stay in the sun is recommended, as always, some kind of protection from the sun's harmful rays, and against insect bites is good to have a light and delicate cream. Also, it does not hurt to have a home and a small pharmacy in which you will find patches, antibiotic creams or powders (for possible scratches and injuries) and occasional painkillers.